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MISSION:   Promote Cultural and Religious activities among Tamil Ethnic Group Living in Manitoba.

o Promote learning of Tamil to Tamil children and others who are interested

o Promote Tamil cultural activities such as music, dance, drama, etc.

o Promote awareness of Tamil culture to other cultural groups

o Promote religious activities

o Promote activities among its members leading to well-being of newcomers (Tamil origin) to Canada, and to assist in their settlement

o Promote the upgrading of linguistic, technical, administrative and other skills.

o Promote activities in helping refugees of Tamil origin in any part of the world.

Board of Directors

டாக்டர். மார்க்கண்டேயர் தனஞ்ஜெயன்

Dr. Marcandayer Thananjeyan


திருமதி. பெனிற்றா ஆன்செல்ம் நேரியோ

Ms. Benitta Anselm-Nerio

Vice President I (Cultural Affairs)

டாக்டர். ஜெயசந்திரன் விஸ்வலிங்கம்

Dr. Jeyachchandran Visvalingam

Vice President II (Religious Affairs)

டாக்டர். செல்லகுமார்  பழனிசாமி

Dr.Sellakumar Palanisamy


திரு. பாஸ்கரன் செல்வராஜ்

Mr. Baskaran Selvaraj


திருமிகு திலாக்ஷி சிவகுருநாதன்

Ms. Dilaxshy Sivagurunathan

Assistant Secretary

திரு. பென் (சுரேன்) வில்லியம்

Mr. Ben (Suren) William

Board Member

திருமதி. உதயராஜி நிக்சன் பிரான்சிஸ்

Ms. Uthayarajee Nicksan Francis

Board Member

திரு. ஆன்டன் ஜெயதீபன் நாகேந்திரம்

Mr. Anton Jeyadeepan Nagendrem

Board Member


Tamil Cultural Society of Manitoba plays a vital role in the cultural and social life of tamil ethinic group living in Manitoba. Join other people from tamil origin in celebrating and commemorating our history, diversity and achievements, and discover what has shaped our culture that is driven by Values.

TCSM membership is open to all Tamils living in Manitoba, others interested in Tamil Culture, and of 18 years of age. Further instructions can be found in the membership form below.

Please note that TCSM membership fee has increased.The new fees are as follows
Family: $20
Individual: $10
Senior: $5

TCSM Membership Form

Tamil Community Activities

Get Involved.

Tamil Christian Group

For more information visit www.tamilchristian.ca

Tamil Hindu Group

For more information visit www.winnipegmurugan.com

Tamil School

The mission of Winnipeg Tamil School, part of TCSM, is to provide quality tamil education to students in a safe and orderly environment, to prepare them to read, write and speak the Tamil language by following a best in class curriculum, to transform the students in to effective communicators in spoken and literary Tamil and to create future leaders and torch bearers of Tamil language.

For more information visit www.tamilschool.ca

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Tamil Cultural Society of Manitoba (TCSM)
P.O. BOX 56, Winnipeg,
Manitoba, Canada R3C 2G1

: tcsminc@gmail.com